trove wallpaper

Wood Veneer

Trove has always pioneered in the art and science of printing on many different unique and beautiful surface materials.  Our printed natural wood veneers are no exception.  Using FSC certified natural veneers in a variety of species, we use the most advanced printing technology to create a printed and prefinished wood wall covering. Our veneer can also be used as a laminate for millwork projects like doors and furniture. We typically start with lighter species like white birch, bamboo, maple or ash, which can be produced up to 46” width by 120” length.  Wood grain is book-matched sheet to sheet and numbered for installation. Trove’s full collection of designs can be utilized including custom color options.  We can also help to develop full custom design projects. We offer options like white printing and different finishes tailored to specific applications.
alcyone 202 on white birch veneer
ankaa 202 on white birch veneer