trove wallpaper


Trove integrates unique design and specialty materials for commercial projects. Our design team brings over 20 years experience in creating and customizing our offerings for the contract market.  We have completed many projects by foregoing the conventional approach.  We bring our passion for inspired design and new ideas along with our love of materials to find the best solution in terms of durability, budget, and quality.  The contract market is an opportunity to push the design conversation forward by combining custom fabrication and ambitious architecture in a public forum.

Our full design collection is available on a variety of standard and custom type II grounds.  We gather the information necessary to help pair appropriate options to applications.  We take many factors into account like climate and high traffic area environments to find the best solution in terms of durability and quality. Projects often require custom materials like window film, fabric, laminates, veneers and other surface materials that are not necessarily wall coverings.  Trove is always ready to sample our standard patterns as well as custom design options on a wide variety of materials.